Analytics & Insights


Track your performance online and make data driven business decisions.

RAAD Media provides businesses wanting to gain more insight and start making data driven business decisions with Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Paid Media Analytics, Email Marketing Analytics, and Insights on how to improve website performance and make a stronger digital marketing strategy.

We analyze your web traffic, taking into account any specific business goals, and provide reports that surface the relevant data.

With a properly configured Google Analytics account you can gain insights on your marketing efforts:

  • See how you acquire new web visitors – is it organic visits, paid search or referral traffic?
  • Are visitors leaving your site without converting?
  • Gain insight into the performance of all your digital marketing activities (email, social, paid search).
  • Use detailed visitor statistics (such as their browser, screen resolution, operating system or even their physical location) to optimize and streamline your site’s performance.
  • Analyze performance metrics at the site, page, search term, and campaign level.
  • Understand your web visitors by age, gender, geography to better know “to who” and “to where” to market
  • Create customized reports and dashboards for executives and marketing professionals

We will provide a month to month excel report to show you top pages, how many visitors, social media growth and engagement, what campaigns are working and what channels are customers finding you. All this data will help you make the right decisions with your business.

Please email us if you are interested in tracking your performance